Economics News Article Analysis

Economics News Article Analysis
The purpose of this assignment is to help the student to analyze current events using economic principles. First, the student is expected to be able to summarize and demonstrate understanding of the current event. Secondly, the student is expected to be able to identify and explain related economic principles to the current event. Finally, the student is expected to be able to provide deeper insight and analysis on the current event through an economic perspective that demonstrates critical thinking.
The following assignment will assess the student for the following learning outcomes:
Written Communication
1.3 Demonstrate the ability to develop an idea through the use of concrete examples and specific details
1.5 Demonstrate appropriate methods of integrating and documenting outside sources.
1.7 Demonstrate clear organization of thoughts in coherent written form.
1.8 Demonstrate appropriate choice of format, style, and tone for each particular writing assignment.
Critical Thinking
2.1 Apply relevant criteria and standards when evaluating information, claims, and arguments.
2.2 Use appropriate reasoning to evaluate problems, make decisions, and formulate solutions.
2.3 Give reasons for conclusions, assumptions, beliefs, and hypotheses.
2.5 Exhibit traits evidencing the disposition to reflect, assess, and improve thinking or products of thinking.

Due Date: Friday Nov. 1st by 9am
Please submit your paper in Word document format through Canvas. I will not accept any hardcopy of your paper.
News Article Criteria:
– The news article must be published within the last 360 days.
– The news article must be an article NOT AN EDITORIAL!
– The news article must be come from one of these approved news sources:
• Newsweek
• New York Times
• The Economist
• The Wall Street Journal
• Business Week
• Forbes
• Fortune
• Money
• Harvard Business Review
• US News & World Report
– All these news sources are available at the GRCC library. If you want to use a different news source, you must get the instructor’s approval.
– The news article must be related to a topic that is being covered in the course during the past 3 weeks.
Analysis Criteria:
Your analysis must explicitly answer the following questions:
– What is this article talking about? (200 words)
– How does this article relate to a particular economic topic that was discussed in the course? Explain. (200 words)
– What other perspectives and deeper insight can you offer to the article given your understanding of economics and what can you add beyond what is discussed in the article? (200 words)
Citation Requirements:
– Your paper should start with an APA citation of the article. For example:
– Delaney, K. J., Karnitschnig, M., & Guth, R. A. (2008, May 5). Microsoft ends pursuit of Yahoo, reassesses its online options. The Wall Street Journal, pp. A1, A12.
PaperFormat Requirements:
– Use 1.5 spacing.
– Use a standard font (such as New Times Roman 12).
– Use standard 1 inch margins on top, bottom, and sides.



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