– why you chose the company?
because I think the company is in trouble

– What is the situation or problem to be addressed?
Ebay has been stagnant from a growth and development perspective. They are not leveraging new technology and other opportunities to their advantage. This is evident in their recent decline in the stock price and several key executives leaving the company.

– How you propose to address the problem?
I propose that they implement suggestive algorithms where they present to the customer certain products that they think he/she will want. Etsy and Amazon, among many other e-commerce websites offer such a service. I also think that ebay needs to rethink their business model since many millenials are posting ads on websites that offer their service for free. For instance, ebay could have no listing fees for students, or no listing fees for individuals and only charge businesses, while capitalizing on advertisements revenue (similar to Google)

– How will the situation improve?
I think ebay can continue growing an innovating instead of remaining stagnant. The growth opportunities will certainly be admired by investors.

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