DO NOT EXCEPT THIS PROJECT WITHOUT FULLY UNDERSTANDING IT Write a journal entry on hiking a mountain and the smells, touches, sights of nature made you feel calmer and more connected with nature. (approximately 300-400 words on how you felt and THEN link your experience with science and how nature contact and sensory experience in nature help lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and make you feel more connected in nature. Then reflect on how moving forward you will spend more time in nature because of these benefits. Much of this will be in first person. For example: “I went hiking up Mt Kosciusko last weekend. The wild flowers helped me to take my mind of work stress and prompted me to slow down my breathing. Nature has been proved to reduce heart rates when people spend x hours of time in nature (xxx 2016).” Much of it will be in first person and will not require references. Please ensure the reflection DESCRIBES a nature-based event or experience (what did you do, where did you go, who with, how long for, what did you see, what did it make you feel). Your reflection should connect your personal experience with an aspect of the theory and evidence we have covered throughout the course. Your reflection should also demonstrate self-awareness through INTERPRETING new insights gained and EVALUATING how this might benefit your learning or life. To conclude, be sure to tell us your PLAN. What will you do with this new information? How will it be applied in your personal or professional life moving forward? *You may also choose to include images (e.g. sketches, photos), poems, other creative works to support your reflection. Below are some guiding questions for you to consider as you write your reflection: – What have you noticed when engaging with nature during the first 3 weeks of the course (in your own mind or body or about the natural world) and how does that fit with the science covered in the theoretical stream of the course? Is it consistent or inconsistent? o Why do you think this is the case? – How has your practice enriched your personal understandings or appreciation of the natural world? – How did different experiences build upon one another? – Has anything changed for you in how you see yourself in relation to nature? – What motivated you, what inspired you? – Were there things shared from peers that opened new discoveries for yourself? – You might also reflect on challenges or what was hard or difficult in your nature connection practice with a lens to understanding those aspects in your future work. The whole thing should be 700 words You are not required to reference when reflecting on your personal experiences and connection with nature. However, it is important to connect your experiences with concepts covered in the course and these linkages to course resources and readings must be referenced using the APA 7th edition referencing style. Information and guides are available on the course site. For example, if you wish to connect your personal experience of reduced stress following an outdoor walk with the research evidence about the stress-relieving properties of nature then this will need to be referenced as it is a claim generalised beyond your experience.

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