Discuss Earth and Space Science.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Earth and Space Science. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Volcanic eruptions are a natural phenomenon which can potentially cause great destruction in the area they occur. Despite volcanic eruptions being less frequent in comparison with other natural wonders, their potential effect is extreme devastation to a level of even causing the extinction of organisms. There are several types of volcanoes. They include lava domes, composite volcanoes, simple volcanoes such as cinder cones and shield volcanoes (Johnson, 2006). Lava domes are somewhat destructive volcano types. High viscosity levels of magma characterize lava domes volcanoes. Therefore, lava flows smoothly.
Composite volcanoes result from dormant volcanoes. The composite volcanoes cause erosion in the landscape surrounding the volcanoes. This happens as a result of a decline that starts after the cooling of the magma plug (Johnson, 2006). Cinder cone volcanoes are also formed when there is an eruption of a volcano. This type of volcano involves the emission of tons of ash into the atmosphere which settles as a cone on the volcano. The fourth type of volcano is a shield volcano. Shield volcanoes are too expansive in terms of the impact or aftermath in an area they affect. This is due to the amount of basaltic lava usually present in this volcano type.&nbsp. The basaltic lava type flows smoothly from cracks that might exist in the volcano and thus can cause extensive damage (Davis, 2008).
Potential impactVolcanic eruptions can have four significant impacts. The first significant impact of volcanic eruption is an alteration of the landscape of the region surrounding a volcano. The second impact of volcanic eruption, especially for super volcanoes is the destruction of property by volcanic debris emitted from the volcano. Another effect is the poisoning of the environment, especially when the ash falls in rivers, lakes and plants (Saravanan, 2004). Lastly, volcanic eruptions reduce solar radiation that reaches the earth surface by displacing sulphury acid, which is released into the atmosphere.

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