course project part 1 informative speech outline

Course Project Part 1: Informative Speech Outline
COM115 Course Project
The outline is one of the most central elements necessary for a good oral presentation. Outlines should include several major elements:
•The thesis statement (main idea) of your speech
•The main points you will use to support your thesis statement
•The way you will organize your ideas throughout the speech
•The transitions you will use to move from one idea to another throughout the presentation
•Any references that will be used in the presentation (keep in mind that the “bag” speech is a personal speech, therefore, references are usually not required in this speech choice)
Additionally, by helping you to have the content organized for your speech, the outline will allow you to focus more time on delivering the presentation.
Here is your informative speech topic:
Any Old Bag Will Do – This speech involves filling any old bag of your choice with three items. The bag and each item chosen should symbolize something about your life: the first item should represent something from your past, the second from the present, and the third item representing something about your future. The bag itself should also symbolize something of significance about you. In other words, each item and the bag become the four main points of your speech. You will display each item one at a time and explain how these items and the bag represent you and your life.

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