Contracts/Breach of Contracts and SOX Compliance

Contracts/Breach of Contracts and SOX Compliance
Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration: (2012) 11th Ed. Jones & Bartlett

Chapter 5: Contracts and Antitrust
This chapter describes the concepts, elements, and importance of contracts as they relate to health care organizations and medical professionals are described.
Chapter 7: Corporate Structure and Legal Issues
This chapter examines the responsibilities and legal risks of health care organizations and their leadership.
Topic # 1. Contracts/Breach of Contracts
Create an enforceable contract in any department of a health care organization. How can a contract be legally valid? When is a contract voidable? What happens when one of the parties cannot perform the obligations written in the contract?
Topic # 2. SOX Compliance
Develop a plan for compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in a hospital setting. How can employees become knowledgeable with the major provisions of SOX? How can top executives comply with the major provisions? How can conflicts of interests in the organization be observed?
(125 words for each topic)

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