conditioned behaviors

conditioned behaviors
Do you state the objective of your paper?
Have you formulated a clear and concise thesis statement?
Have you provided a detailed and well thought out plan of how you will develop that argument? This should include relevant explanations of important conceptual or theoretical perspectives you are using to orient your paper, a statement of your findings (evidence to support your claims/observations) and a discussion of the broader implications of what you have found.

In effect, the outline is a skeletal, point-form draft of your finished essay. The more you give me here the better it will be for you. Think of this as a chance to get feedback that you can incorporate into your finished essay to submit the best possible essay.

The paper will be evaluated on the following inter-related components:
Originality (Does the paper demonstrate evidence of your own thinking or is it just a collection of other people’s ideas?)
Organization (Is your paper organized in a logical manner or is it disjointed and messy? Have you cited source material correctly?)
Analytical/synthetic capacity (Do you analyze/synthesize material or does your paper simply describe media content?)
Grasp of subject matter (How strong a grasp of the relevant subject matter does your paper demonstrate?)
Soundness of critical evaluations (Do you evaluate material critically or does it present opinions and seem more like an editorial?)
Knowledge base (Does the paper reflect an extensive knowledge base or a narrow one?

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