Criminal Justice

In chapter four of the text , the authors present eight different topics that have been subject to some type of criminal law reform. Some of them are established reforms; others are still changing with the times. Select one of the eight topics presented in the text, and answer the following questions in the […]

Language Development Interview

Language Development Interview Much of the knowledge we gain comes from our learning and personal experiences.  For this assignment, you will spend time talking with an experienced preschool teacher or, if you are currently a preschool teacher, you can answer the questions yourself.  Your assignment is to select five questions regarding the support of language […]

commentary essay

The commentaries are intended to help develop your understanding of the reading and to  provide a basis for informed class discussion and exam responses. Your commentaries  should meet two goals:  1) Give a summary of the key point(s) made in the selected reading according to your  understanding.  Provide evidence,  including direct quotations from the text, […]

Steve’s “Boiled Down” Requirements and Tips for Case Study #2

Due: December 2, 11:59 p.m. Worth: 250 points. Case Problems serving as the factual basis for your studies that you can choose from: · Classic Case 16.2 (Meinhard v. Salmon) · Classic Case 18.3 (Guth v. Loft, Inc.) · The Mariners’ latest high profile case: · The Seattle Art Museum potential case: Group […]

existing law on a particular legal issue

Read and understand these instructions. · Read and understand the introductory materials distributed with these instructions: 1. Jay M. Feinman, “Liability of Accountants for Negligent Auditing: Doctrine, Policy, and Ideology,” Florida State University Law Review, vol. 31, pp. 17-65 (2003). 2. Blue Bell v. Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., 715 S.W.2d 408 (Tex. App. 1986). […]

Legal and Ethical Scenarios

Legal and Ethical Scenarios Select two of the three scenarios. Support your responses with appropriate cases, laws and other relevant examples by using at least one scholarly source from the SUO Library in addition to your textbook for each scenario. Do not copy the scenario text into the paper. Label the beginning of each scenario […]

paper for business law

Using news reports within the last three years, find an example of a claim of patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret infringement choose situations for which a claim has been made and is pending or for which a verdict or appellate decision has been rendered. Discuss and analyze  a. Which type of infringement is alleged […]


Attached are two signed statements from witnesses. One is from Dawn Dietz, the prosecutor’s witness and the other is from Joe “The Fireman”, the defense’s witness.  Using these two witness statements and the facts provided to you in the week 1 discussion forum #2,  answer the following questions: 1) If you were the prosecutor, how would you discredit the potential testimony […]

business law legal summary

Legal Summary Overview. Each student will be tasked to prepare a 2-4 page outline thoroughly explaining a legal subject. The summary will be in the format of an inner office memo directed to your boss/employer/colleagues/etc. Purpose. Researching, understanding, and translating information into a teachable format establishes a high degree of understanding of the subject. Allowing […]