Business Plan

Business Plan

Project 1

Design a 3000-3300 business plan, including a financial plan, bookkeeping and taxation requirements, and legal and regulatory requirements, for establishing a Chinese herbal medicine health practice in Adelaide, South Australia. Evaluate the research methods utilised to conduct the SWOT and demographic analysis and justify your choices based on these findings.

The business plan should be word processed using Arial and point 12 font. As applicable, a bibliography, using Harvard referencing should be included.

The business plan will need to cover and expand upon all the points of the business plan process listed below. These twelve steps must include:

1. Executive summary and business objectives (1 A4 page).

2. Business description: mission plan, aims and objectives (short, medium and long term), action plan.

3. The marketing plan including demographic analysis.

4. Research & development of your product/service.

5. The operations plan including legislative and ethical requirements.

6. Key management: Business type.

7. Personnel and organisational structure, policy and procedures.

8. The financial plan: proposed break even analysis, cash flow, statement of financial performance, statement of financial position.

9. Funds required and their uses, including professional advisors, insurance and professional association requirements.

10. SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) (Personal &Business)

11. Risk analysis and the contingency plan.

12. Evaluate and justify research methods and findings.

Project 2

Responses should be word processed using Arial and point 12 font. As applicable, a bibliography, using Harvard referencing, should be included


The emphasis today is on excellent standard of care by Australian complimentary medicine Healthcare Practitioners for their clients. To find themselves under threat of legal action for failure to apply a Duty of care in treatment, can result in Negligence claims against them. The common law approach to Duty of care has changed, with legislation from State to State that can facilitate establishing liability when treatment may be negligent.

In approximately 150 words explain your understanding of Professional Negligence and briefly identify the legislation that has changed the legal test for negligent standard of care.


Choose one only of any of the Australian National Privacy Principles (NPP’s) and write approximately 150 words explaining why you think that privacy principle will have the greatest relevance to your complimentary medicine clinical practice.


Please briefly answer the following questions in approximately 150 words total:

(1) Use dot points to list what you see as the main differences between policies and procedures? An example of a policy and a procedure is recommended to support your answer.

(2) What aspects of your College learning experience are covered by policies and procedures?

(3) What elements of Occupational Health and Safety would you need to include in your complimentary medicine business Policies and Procedures?

(4) How important is it to comply with Australian law when developing your policies and procedures.


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