Brand equity and associated metrics

Brand equity and associated metrics

The measurement of marketing activity is essential if marketing strategy and its performance isto be properly evaluated. Marketing metrics
are discussed throughout yourtextboo and in this unit. They are also an important aspect of marketing reporting which the Australian
Marketing lnstitute (A.M.l.) has sought to assist member companiesto use. Their use has been studied byvarious academic researchers (see
Google Scholar and your textbookfor examples) with findings reported concerning the use of such metrics. Nevertheless, it seemsthat
marketing metrics are not univ ersally used by marketing organisations.

Yourtask isto define brand equity and associated metrics,

indicate how this metric is used (academic and professional papers), and suggest why marketing management might and might not use brand
lequity and associated metrics. You are expected to indicate whether or not there are benefits in their use reported in the aforementioned

Deakin guide to referencing. (Please use Harvard in the Business Faculty)

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