When one is writing a prejudice essay, his or her main objective is to draw the attention of a reader to the way an individual or a community is treated with prejudice. To make this happen the author must be very clear in trying to draw the theme of prejudice in the scenario. The author must be very precise towards the treatment of prejudice so as to enable the reader to clearly understand and as well as pin point various scenarios where a community or an individual is treated with prejudice.

When an author is writing a prejudice essay, one must clearly demonstrate the community or individual who is treated with prejudice. In this case, an author got to show the behaviors of a person or the community. Various attributes such a religion or beliefs which in most instances bring about prejudice should also be clearly stated. A person may also be treated with prejudice because of his or her ideologies or even the cultural norms. To sum it up, the author must bring the subject into context by clearly showing his or her world.

The author must also define the community or individual who is treating the other with prejudice. The author must illustrate the values of the community or even the individual. The community might be ethnocentric or it is only the majority of the numbers makes the other smaller community to be prejudiced. The author should then relate the values of the two. That is, the one who is prejudiced and the one who is treating the other with prejudice. Several questions should arise in trying to relate the two cultural values. Probably, as stated earlier, one may be treated as a deviant in a scenario where the cultural norms of the locality are different with those of the one being treated with prejudice. Scholars argue that no cultural values are superior to the others. Then this will be followed with the next step where the author should try to help the reader to establish the theme of prejudice in the defined context. Since we have the both sides of arguments, that is, we have goals for the different personalities, and then the reader can be able to argue whether the treatment of prejudice is a genuine justification or it is just another case of discrimination with no cause. And if there is a justification to the prejudice, then the person or community got to do something about their behavior. The author should let the reader make the judgment but should not make his or her opinion on the case.

The author should also illustrate other themes that may come along with prejudice. One common trait is pride. One community or individual shows pride to the others. This is because the community or individual feels superior to the other. The author should come out clear with clear contextual examples that are very relevant to the theme of the essay.

Finally, a good essay should have good language that is easy to understand and a good flow of events that will help make the reader get the logic of the essay.