Weight Management

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Overweight is an aspect of imbalance in energy, when one consumes more calories that the body may need, that energy balance goes to weight gain, overweight and obesity. This is contributed to by many factors amongst them genetics, eating habits, dietary intake, levels of physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. Based on this the question of weight management has received a great deal of attention over the past few decades. Globally, awareness on better understanding of the causes of overweight and the methods that can be used to achieve weight loss are being addressed. The major reason as to why overweight is of much concern is because of its underlying diseases, which have a largely contributed to increased cases of worldwide mortality and morbidity such as; diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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With any well planned weight management program, one must clearly set out goals that he or she would like to achieve with the program. These goals need to be in line with a weight reduction scheme, which looks at how to improve body health, fitness and appearance. Study by Teixeira, Silva, Mata, Palmeira and Markland (2012), on motivation, self-determination, and long-term weight control; stated that, motivation is essential in helping individuals to be more successful in achieving the goal of weight reduction. Overweight and obesity being the major contributing factors to other infections, amongst them being type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Require a multiple approach to help in its avoidance and management. Treatment may take the forms of behaviour modification, dietary management, exercise and weight loss surgery (NIH, 1998). The issue of a sedentary lifestyle and overweight is much concern. With the advent of improvement in technology, those persons who are well do in our society no longer even walk the short distances. They would prefer to use their cars to move around and many a time use the lift instead of the staircases to move from one floor of the building to the next. On another perspective, with cases of increased insecurity, children no longer play outside, but are confined to indoor games and excessive television watching that increases levels of inactivity. Thus, with a well planned exercise regiment scheme, this can help maintain a healthy weight.

In conclusion, it can be said that, those persons who are overweight are living with us in our surroundings. Where, there are many health personnel with expertise to provide more effective health solutions in dealing with the cases of obesity and overweight. This has not been achieved. Hence looking at this scenario there is needed to develop a self initiative programs in weight management.


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