Teamwork in Work Place

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Teamwork refers to an activity or activities done by more than one person to meet the set objectives. Complex tasks in various working areas make it hard for a single person to complete set goals or assigned tasks. People form teams which are made by people with complementary skills so as to work together and accomplish the set objectives. Employees pool their mental resources in a supportive manner, and as a result, an organization or a company benefit in many ways. In addition, teamwork is an important aspect of an effective workplace. Efficient teams can be easily trained and as a result, employee development is easier. As a result, performance increases in work production. Team members in workplaces interact on a daily basis and as a result, develop a sense of unity and belonging. Through teamwork, employees build fellowship    and commitment to the objectives of the project.

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There are two types of teams, formal teams and informal teams. Formal teams are structured and are created for a specific objective.  Such teams have a hierarchy and every member of such a team has a distinct role to play. Informal teams lack a distinct structure, and everyone in the team has equal status. Such teams come together mostly by chance. Informal teams enhance cohesion as they provide an opportunity for individuals to work together. Both informal and formal teams may exist in the same organization and form a backbone for teamwork in the organization. Team work enables people to work together and bring people with different points of view together. It enhances cohesion and unity in the workplace. Team work promotes collaboration, and as a result, all members are able to participate in all aspects of a project.


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