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It was on the 6th of October in 2006 when I and my cousin were to attend a carnival. There was a feeling of celebration in the atmosphere. We felt like just going out and have plenty of quality time with my buddies. At 6PM in the evening my cousin and I left for the carnival.

At the carnival, we shared good time with all my school friends. There was plenty to drink as well as drink at the party. Music was also enjoyable. We danced until our heels ached. The party was one of its kind. I really had fun to the fullest.

We stayed at the party until it was late at night. My cousin decided that it was too late and our parents would not be comfortable if we continued partying. At around 12.30PM we left for home. There was minimal traffic in the streets. The roads were not as crowded as is the norm of this road. As we left the streets and turned for the feeder road that was connected to our home, we encountered a scene which seemed hell on earth to me.

I saw what I dreaded ever meeting- a road accident. My cousin and I left our car for the accident scene. A green sedan had rolled several times and was lying in the ditch. It seemed the victims of the accident had not received any help. We quickly moved to the scene, tried to open the doors but they could not open an inch.

They were tightly locked from the inner lock. We had to open these doors. My cousin smashed one of the back door glasses and was able to unlock the doors. We found two people who were bleeding heavily. It was a man and a woman who were possibly of middle years probably forty to forty five years. The man was still groaning, complaining about his leg. But, what amazed me is that the woman was not reacting to anything.

I ran to help the woman who was on the passenger seat. As I was struggling to get the woman off from the seat, my cousin told me to stop acting like a fool, help him get the man who was alive and leave the corpse alone. What?! A corpse?! A dead person?!  Had I been touching a dead person? No way, this was stranger than fiction. I only see corpse in movies but not in real life situations.

 I could not believe this, anyway. It seemed like my cousin had played a dirty joke on me but this situation was not any of those that you play dirty jokes. This was a serious real life situation- a dead person and the other one is crying fighting for his dear life and enduring the burning pain in his legs. Probably he has even lost his legs.

It seemed like my mind had gone for a serious brainstorming session of the next affirmative action to take. So when my mind was back to its senses, I released one of those deafening screams that I have never had before.

The scenario was just frightening to me. I had never before experienced such a thing. This was quite a challenge. I was shaking throughout my body, weak to make any motion. But, my cousin was by my side that he was able to make me regain my senses. We were able to get the man out of the remains of the ones beautiful car.

He had lost a lot of blood that he lost his consciousness. We were able to alert the police and an ambulance came in handy to take the man to the nearby hospital. The remains of the woman were taken to the morgue. We accompanied the police to their station so that we could answer a few questions in regard to the accident.

The horrific events of that night were left with me, to haunt me for quite some time. It was like I carried with me the spirit of the dead woman. I felt like she followed me wherever I went. That same night, I felt like a woman touched my right shoulder as I tried to grasp some sleep. I could not get any sleep at all.

At one instance, I had voices of women calling my name. One of the voices called my name as though it was in anguish. It was like she was in deep pain, something terrible was hurting her.  I also heard a voice wailing as though it was like the driver had lost control of the vehicle and was trying to regain it.

I experienced one of the most terrible times in my lifetime for the next two weeks. I would not get any sleep in bed at night. I would hear voices and even see the debris of the car and the dead woman in the car with blood all over. It was just so horrible. It was like I was a character in a horror movie.

A month later after the accident occurred, we moved to another city. Despite moving to a new location all together, my experiences were getting tougher day in day out. This time it was serious that my mother even noticed my queer behavior. What is the reason a person as old as me would fear darkness like me. I would not be left alone in the house.

I would hear voices as the one I heard in our former city, I would hear footsteps coming up the stairs time and again. At times I would hear someone turning on and off the shower. I would also hear someone in the sitting room who would switch on and off the T.V.

My mother would not take it anymore. She thought that I was getting crazy and I needed critical help before things got haywire. My mother called our church’s priest who conducted prayers at our home. He blessed the house as well as praying for me so that the stubborn spirits did not harm me anymore.

Once again, I regained my peaceful life again. I would not hear anymore voices or weird things happening. I learnt to be realistic. Do not be carried by your fear and anxiety too far. It was stupid hearing voices because my fear was beyond.