The invention of the first successful and man controlled flying machine is generally as a result of the works of two American brothers- The Wright brothers. These are Orville and Wilbur Wright. They were able to make an airplane that was controllable, self-powered and it was heavier than air. This was on December 17 in 1903. It was the first human flight that was heavier than air (Wright brothers).

The Wright brothers went to high school for the full four years. Despite so, they were not able to receive diplomas as expected due to some varying issues such as the demanding career of their father who was required to travel from time to time as a bishop. Although the Wright brothers were not awarded with diplomas, they had brilliant ideas that generated various important inventions (Wright brothers).

Wilbur was involved in sports-ice hockey- but his sportive trait died when a hockey stick accidentally hit him. He went on to take care of his terminally ill mother. Orville on the other hand was involved in printing. He had earlier made an invention of a printing press. His brother later joined him in the printing house where they published the ‘West Side News’, later there was the ‘Evening Item’ and they later published the ‘Dayton Tatter’(Wright brothers).  

They later had a bicycle repair and sales shop. This was due to the craze of bicycles. They later enlarged their business to be Wright Cycle Company (Aerial Invention). The company funded their project at hand. The brothers sought additional information regarding aeronautics from The Smithsonian Institute. They were also inspired by a German engineer Otto Lilienthal.

The Wright brothers were able to make the first airplane that had flight controls as well as fixed wings with engines on its wings. They were able to make a major break through by designing the three axis control which makes it possible for the pilot to effectively steer the airplane. This still remains the standard method in all fixed wings airplanes (Aerial Invention).

The Wright Brothers were influenced by various factors to the invention of the first airplane. The Wright brother s had several advantages towards their project. They were financially stable to effectively run the project. In this case, they had their own bicycle manufacturing company. This was The Wright Cycle Company. Besides that, they run a printing shop which published newspapers. There was also availability of cheap materials in the manufacture of the airplanes. They could get aluminum from local industries. They were able to design a cheap engine with the help of Taylor, their cycle company technician (Wright brothers).

The environment at that period was very convenient with the Wright brothers’ project. They were able to get the cooperation from various stakeholders. Academic institutions such as the Smithsonian Institute offered scholarly advice on aeronautics. They also got help agencies such as the weather department by providing necessary information before they started their tests (Wright brothers).

The brothers were greatly motivated by the earlier efforts by some of scientists who had tried to manufacture airplanes. Not any of the scientists had been able to make an invention as theirs. Though most of the scientists wanted to make powerful engines, in their case, they wanted to make a machine that was controllable in the air and provided its own propulsion. But the spark on aviation by the brothers was obtained when their father bought them a toy helicopter which broke but they later made their own (Wright brothers). The brothers were also brought in a family that would always encourage them to push on with the ambitions they had in mind. The brothers were also intellectually gifted despite not being enrolled into college.