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From:                    Director of Human Resources

Subject:               Introduction of New Benefit for Employees


I would like to salute you all in this New Year. Our company has decided to introduce a new policy in line with our vision of empowering our staff to enhance their productivity in our company. Our company has decided to encourage employees to take university courses by reimbursing each employee who is eligible, a maximum of $3500 to cater for tuition and fees during any calendar year.


To participate in the program one is required to apply before the first class meeting and the application signed by the employee’s immediate supervisor. The human resources office will evaluate and issue the applications.


  • Courses eligible for funding are the ones that are related to the employee’s current position in the company.
  • Only tuition and fees are covered, not books or supplies.
  • People whose applications are approved will be reimbursed upon completing the course with a grade of C or better.
  • An employee cannot be reimbursed until he or she submits a copy of the approved application, an official grade report and a statement of the tuition payment.
  • If someone is eligible for other financial aid such as scholarship, the company will only pay for tuition costs that are not covered by that aid as long as the employee does not receive more than $ 3500 or the total tuition reimbursement does not exceed the actual cost of fees and tuition.
  • Part time employers are not eligible for the reimbursement.
  • Full-time employees must work in the company for at least three months before they can apply for the reimbursement.
  • Courses funded may be at any level such as high school, undergraduate or graduate.
  • IRS requires workers to pay tax on any reimbursement for graduate programs.


This reimbursement policy is expected to benefit majority of the employees in this company. However, the denial of the benefit to any employee does not reflect the individual’s work as an employee but his qualifications fulfillment. If you have any question concerning the contents of this memo please feel free to visit me in my office on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays between 2-3 pm.