Please use the following links to create a powerpoint presentation outlining travel regulations and safety

cyber crime

What is cyber crime? How does the sophistication of cyber crime impact and affect worldwide

Gulf Port Ships,

Minimum of 4 pages. Minimum of 4 sources. No plagiarism. APA format. All questions must

sexual dysfunction

Choose one sexual dysfunction disorder and one paraphilic disorder. Create a 6- to 8-slide PowerPoint

local community

Identify a business in your local community. This can be your current place of employment


Review two fraud videos from the following website link: and post a brief summary of

The Great Depression

Directions: What similarities and differences do you see between the Great Depression and our current


In this discussion, which focuses on the author?s description of Van Helsing and his representation


The movie Deadpool (2016), directed by Tim Miller, is a prime example of how the

Audience Evaluation

Choose one organization among any of the posts (your own or any of your classmates)

Global Business Plan

Resources: TABLE 8.1 on page 139 of Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ch. 8 and the

course or curriculum

he Curriculum Process The Discussions in this course include several components. You may not be

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