Week 3 Project

The nursing research article attached includes a theoretical or conceptual framework and the exploration of

PN2 Discussion

EJ is a 28-year-old female. She is being admitted for Gastric Bypass Surgery. She is


An older client was recently discharged from the hospital for evaluation of seizure activity. His

Ethical Principals

Length: At least 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages, not including the title page and reference page.


comment1 Every organization has its stakeholders, irrespective of its size, nature, structure and purpose. The

Reflection Artifact

Reflection Artifact Please consider how you have developed the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable


Reflect on the issue of incivility. Think of an experience in which you were directly

Christian Ethics

I need a 3-4 page paper addressing the below questions: Please add references and the

Epidemiology – HPRO 7712

Epidemiology – HPRO 7712 Fall, 2018 Final Examination PART A Name __________________________________ Date ____________________ Please

Patient education

Please READ the COMPETENCES at the end. Create a one-page patient education tool that explains

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