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The French Revolution-Essay Pay

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The French Revolution (1789-1799) Introduction The French revolution is one of the revolutions that have had an immense impact on entire Europe as well as other parts of the globe. During this period, there was a great political and social upheaval in France within a period of ten years (1789-1799)[1]. Napoleon Bonaparte partially carried forward the revolution with the expansion of the French empire later. The revolution entirely altered the political system of the French … Continue reading “The French Revolution-Essay Pay”

International Business and Globalization Project-Essay Pay

International Business and Globalization Project             Introduction Market evaluation and strategic planning are the key elements of business management that influence the success of an organization. The two principles are part and parcel of every strategy that is applied in the arena of business management. While strategic planning determines the direction of an organization in the industry, marketing evaluation identifies the market characteristics, which can be used to segment the market. In the light of … Continue reading “International Business and Globalization Project-Essay Pay”

External Macro Factors Affecting Marketing Mix-Essay Pay

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Business environment has become very competitive. Therefore, as the companies’ strife to succeed, some forces become very difficult to control. Therefore, it has become a challenge for businesses to control external macro factors, except framing policies within the provisions granted by these factors (Kotler & Gary 2006).

Leisure Theory-Essay Pay

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Aristotelian Theory a) Theory Leisure is the behavior and goal of all human beings. In other ways, leisure is an end where all the actions, necessities and obligations come to an end. It is a self indication and a halt where all actions have been directed. Each one of like to adopt this critical theory. Compensatory Theory a) Theory Three dissimilar kinds of relationships are found between work and leisure: neutrality, spillover and compensation: according … Continue reading “Leisure Theory-Essay Pay”

Professional Ethics

   Introduction In this information revolutionary world, one of the standards utilized for evaluating conduct is through measuring organizational ethics. As opined by Ayal et al. (2015), ethical conduct and behavior provide a framework that helps in standardizing the attitudes and performances of the employees. This framework can be utilized in modern technologies as well as to the professionals for maintaining moral conduct within organizations. The ethical aspects about ICT (Information and Communication Technology) rest … Continue reading “Professional Ethics”