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Cyber Bullying vs Traditional Bullying

Cyber bullying is worse than Traditional Bullying

Practically everybody in the world has experienced a form of bullying such as being pushed around at school or even rumors. Bullying continues to affect people differently and the advancement of technology has resulted in cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can be defined as using online means to harm another individual. There are numerous similarities between traditional and cyber bullying methods. Some of the commonalities include bullying been bullying without considering the means of aggression. Other similarities include there are consequences of the bullying such as loneliness and depression, they occur repeatedly, and both raise the power dynamic fundamental. The overall consequences of both types of bullying are depression and potential self-harm. Even though both forms of bullying are similar, cyber bullying is worse than traditional bullying. Continue reading “Cyber Bullying vs Traditional Bullying”

Law of Contract-Free Essay


A contract is an agreement between two or more parties with commitment to do or to omit doing something. These agreements are voluntary, deliberate and legally binding. Contracts may be written, spoken or implied. Contracts are common phenomenon is world of business, in sales, leases and or tenancy relation. As a maxim in law, contacts are guided by some underlying features defined in different jurisdictions.

Offer and Acceptance

An offer is a voluntary but conditional promise submitted by the buyer or seller to the other party for acceptance. It’s a willingness by the initiating party to enter into a legally binding agreement with specific underlying conditions(ANSON, 2015).   Acceptance on the other hand; is the unconditional assent by the offeree communicated to the offeror to the terms and conditions with intent to accept. For a transaction of an offer and acceptance to be legally binding, communication must be made of the intent to be bound by the contract by both parties. The conditions in the offer must be the same in those at the acceptance more so, the agreement must be certain.

Subject Matter in a contract.

In a contract, the product or service forms the subject matter.  One party in the contract offers the products or services while the other pays for them. Both parties must seem to benefit from the arrangement and value changed from one party to the other. The subject matter may be existing, future or a spes. The subject matter should be well identifiable by descriptive characteristics like weight, height, shape, and color among others. Deliverables should based on this descriptive specifications of the matter.

Contents of a contract

The contents of a contract document are called clauses or terms. The main contents of a contract are the price and the subject matter.Terms may be expressed or implied. This may be conditions, warranties or innominate terms. An express term is the one agreed between the parties while implied terms are those conditions implied by statutes or as defined by a court of law. Conditions are the core part of the contract and cannot be breached. Warranties are guarantees extended by the manufacturer or offeror of a service to take responsibility of the subject matter within specified time of the contract at their own costs. Innominate terms are neither conditions nor warranties but seek to determine the extent of deprivation of benefits to the innocent party in a contract.

Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Deviations from the terms of the contract results to breach of contract. The breach can result to different liabilities. The liability may be criminal or civil (Virgo, 2014). Criminal liability arises in areas of public interest like environmental conservation, nuisance, health and public safety. When disputes occur in a contract, several mechanisms are provided in law to resolve the disputes. In a case where parties feel aggrieved by the breach, they can sue for damages in a court of law. Arbitration is a case where the disputes are settled out of court between the parties(Carter, 2011). Arbitration may involve a nonpartisan arbitrator to help in the mediation.

Contract management practices

For effective discharge of contract by performance, parties need to manage the contract to ensure everything happens as planned and agreed with the parties. This involves planning for the contract to ensure procedures are developed to ensure expected outcomes are understood, contract dates monitored, costs controlled and performance is done within time frames. A monitoring system should be incorporated to ensure targets and conditions are met in the process of performance. Adequate communication with executing parties is dire; the contracting parties should also be briefed of the progress to avoid surprises. Incase changes occur that affect the conditions, discussions should be held to ensure parties are reading from the same page.


When parties engage in a contract, they envision a situation where discharge is through delivery of their obligations in the contract without failure. However, certain conditions may affect the delivery of the contract. Other forms of discharge exist under the maxims of law. This includes mutual agreements of the parties with the present condition or in exemption of the same. In some cases, an act of God may render the contract undeliverable and hence automatically terminates and cease to exist.


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Gilgamesh-Plot summary

The story of Gilgamesh comes to us from the earliest civilizations of the Sumerians who were also the inventors of writing. Gilgamesh is estimated to have lived around 2700 B.C and his name found in the list of the ancient Kings. After his death, he was divinized and his statues abound in the remains of Mesopotamia.  A verse narrative Gilgamesh is a story about two very close friends. The friends were Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Gilgamesh was also known as god and man and also doubled up as the King of Uruk which is a city found between Tigris and Euphrates in the ancient Babylonia (Tigress, 2007 p.38). Enkidu on the other hand was known to be an animal and a man. These two people were very close friends and shared a lot. Continue reading “Gilgamesh-Plot summary”

Major Causes of Heart Attack and How to Prevent it.

Many people die annually from heart-related conditions.  Heart attacks are some of the complications that cause millions of deaths each year. It is important for individuals to have an in-depth understanding of various diseases and at which age in their life they are likely to get certain ailments. At the tender age, most children are likely to suffer from cold and flu whereas as people age, they become more prone to heart-related complications. This paper will address the root causes of heart attack, signs, and symptoms, treatment and prevention measures.

There are two major causes of heart attack namely atherosclerosis and muscular spasm of coronary arteries. When this happens, blood is shut from flowing to the heart muscles. Heart attack mostly occurs due to a formation of a plague which limits an amount of blood reaching the heart. Formation of plaque occurs when there is the buildup of cholesterol (atherosclerosis) and fatty substances in the coronary arteries. The clogging of the coronary arteries is a gradual process that leads to the narrowing of the arteries, thereby inhibiting the circulation of blood and oxygen. The physiology of human body is designed to get nutrients and oxygen through the blood. As these functions happen, heart plays an important role to ensure that the blood which contains nutrients is pumped to various organs of the body. For this to happen, the heart is surrounded my muscles and connected with arteries that carry blood to and from the heart. When there is the excess of fatty deposits in the arteries, less oxygen is availed to the heart thereby affecting the heart from receiving adequate oxygen and nutrients (Naff, 2008).

Major causes of heart disease.

Some of the leading causes of coronary heart disease are lifestyle factors which include eating pattern and behavior, smoking, lack of exercise or inactivity, consumption of food containing bad fats, being overweight/obese, high cholesterol diet. The second major cause of heart diseases is physiological factors which include high levels of stress, elevated blood pressure above the normal and elevated cholesterol in blood above the standard. Thirdly, factors like age, family history, gender, race and ethnicity (Cortez, 2007)


Signs and symptoms.

Naff (2008) highlighted some of the common symptoms to be:

  • Pain in the upper belly
  • Sweating.
  • Feeling nausea
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • palpitations
  • Being weak
  • dizziness
  • Pain in the abdomen

Prevention measures

To prevent and control heart attacks, there are some practices that need to be employed, some which are priceless while others have cost implications. Some of these practices include:

  1. Eating healthy foods that contain low cholesterol. Dieting is thus an important aspect that people need to watch and always be conscious on what they consume.
  2. Regular exercise is ideal for people who are obese. When one exercise, s/he reduces drastically the formation of plaque in the arteries.
  3. Quitting smoking.
  4. Eating heart friendly foods
  5. Lowering stress levels
  6. Adhering to medication given

In a nutshell, the heart attack is one of the major killer diseases which at times presents very little warning. Heart attacks are highly linked to three major categories which are the lifestyle, physiological and genetic causes. Eating healthy foods and regular exercise has produced positive results in management and control of heart attacks.











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Performing of sporting activities drains body a considerable amount of energy, and there is need to ensure that energy levels remain high to enhance optimal performance. Our bodies at times can reach diminishing levels to continuously supply the body with energy, and this can adversely affect performance. Continue reading “Item Description”