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Gilgamesh-Plot summary

The story of Gilgamesh comes to us from the earliest civilizations of the Sumerians who were also the inventors of writing. Gilgamesh is estimated to have lived around 2700 B.C and his name found in the list of the ancient Kings. After his death, he was divinized and his statues abound in the remains of Mesopotamia.  A verse narrative Gilgamesh is a story about two very close friends. The friends were Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Gilgamesh was also known as god and man and also doubled up as the King of Uruk which is a city found between Tigris and Euphrates in the ancient Babylonia (Tigress, 2007 p.38). Enkidu on the other hand was known to be an animal and a man. These two people were very close friends and shared a lot. Continue reading “Gilgamesh-Plot summary”

Major Causes of Heart Attack and How to Prevent it.

Many people die annually from heart-related conditions.  Heart attacks are some of the complications that cause millions of deaths each year. It is important for individuals to have an in-depth understanding of various diseases and at which age in their life they are likely to get certain ailments. At the tender age, most children are likely to suffer from cold and flu whereas as people age, they become more prone to heart-related complications. This paper will address the root causes of heart attack, signs, and symptoms, treatment and prevention measures.

There are two major causes of heart attack namely atherosclerosis and muscular spasm of coronary arteries. When this happens, blood is shut from flowing to the heart muscles. Heart attack mostly occurs due to a formation of a plague which limits an amount of blood reaching the heart. Formation of plaque occurs when there is the buildup of cholesterol (atherosclerosis) and fatty substances in the coronary arteries. The clogging of the coronary arteries is a gradual process that leads to the narrowing of the arteries, thereby inhibiting the circulation of blood and oxygen. The physiology of human body is designed to get nutrients and oxygen through the blood. As these functions happen, heart plays an important role to ensure that the blood which contains nutrients is pumped to various organs of the body. For this to happen, the heart is surrounded my muscles and connected with arteries that carry blood to and from the heart. When there is the excess of fatty deposits in the arteries, less oxygen is availed to the heart thereby affecting the heart from receiving adequate oxygen and nutrients (Naff, 2008).

Major causes of heart disease.

Some of the leading causes of coronary heart disease are lifestyle factors which include eating pattern and behavior, smoking, lack of exercise or inactivity, consumption of food containing bad fats, being overweight/obese, high cholesterol diet. The second major cause of heart diseases is physiological factors which include high levels of stress, elevated blood pressure above the normal and elevated cholesterol in blood above the standard. Thirdly, factors like age, family history, gender, race and ethnicity (Cortez, 2007)


Signs and symptoms.

Naff (2008) highlighted some of the common symptoms to be:

  • Pain in the upper belly
  • Sweating.
  • Feeling nausea
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • palpitations
  • Being weak
  • dizziness
  • Pain in the abdomen

Prevention measures

To prevent and control heart attacks, there are some practices that need to be employed, some which are priceless while others have cost implications. Some of these practices include:

  1. Eating healthy foods that contain low cholesterol. Dieting is thus an important aspect that people need to watch and always be conscious on what they consume.
  2. Regular exercise is ideal for people who are obese. When one exercise, s/he reduces drastically the formation of plaque in the arteries.
  3. Quitting smoking.
  4. Eating heart friendly foods
  5. Lowering stress levels
  6. Adhering to medication given

In a nutshell, the heart attack is one of the major killer diseases which at times presents very little warning. Heart attacks are highly linked to three major categories which are the lifestyle, physiological and genetic causes. Eating healthy foods and regular exercise has produced positive results in management and control of heart attacks.











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