Beer Styles

Your assignment is to explain the history, ingredients and taste profile of your selected beer.
You will also need to include a recipe for that beer (homebrew is fine, 5 gallons). The recipe will not count towards your word count since you can simply cut and

Explain the reason for the ingredients and how they relate to the beer style.

WikiPedia is not a reference. You can use WikiPedia (and similar sites), but they must be backed up with academic resources.
If you have trouble finding a homebrew recipe, please contact me in class. If you are lucky, you will find one on my website

assignment(2)Legalities Report

Step 1 – Description of the Problem
Focus: To describe the laws pertaining to beer sales in one major jurisdiction and how they relate to breweries, distributors, on and off premise locations. You will

also compare your findings to the other region you are given as a secondary jurisdiction.

Your goal is to present facts about the beer laws from your assigned region and compare and contrast them to your secondary region.

Step 2 – Your Assignment
You are a lobbyist for a major brewing trade organization, the “North American Beer Association”, and are assigned a certain region. One of your goals as a lobbyist is

to convince the State, Local and Federal legislatures that laws need standardization and updating. You can cite any relevant law or regulation worldwide, except laws

outlawing alcohol (remember your job title). You must present relevant laws for your assigned region and compare and contrast those laws to your secondary region.

You have been assigned to do research on the following regions:

Primary: _____michagan

Secondary: ____chicago

Step 3 – Questions for Discussion
What questions do you need to answer?
What information will be needed?
Where are you going to find the necessary information?
Step 4 – Research
Individuals gather and prepare information.

Step 5 – Paper
Although there is no formal presentation, please be prepared to give a brief summary of your paper and any interesting laws.

Prepare a paper of 1050 – 1450 words comparing and contrasting the laws in your two assigned jurisdictions.

Only papers using APA format and properly cited references will be given credit.

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