Australian History – Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter –

Australian History – Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter –
prepare and deliver a report about supply chain management

You are advised to complete some form of basic research on the firm/industry (i.e. read information available on the web and visit company website).

Write a 3000 word academic report (400 words of which will constitute a summary) about supply chain management with regard to a assignment should include an analysis of the following:
Describe briefly the background information (strategic context) of the firm, sector or industry. This information should be relevant to the discussion of your assignment.
Analyse the firm, sector or industry supply chain; define the push-pull boundary and discuss how it impacts the supply chain., augment the analysis with further research
and discuss the upstream and downstream workings of the supply chain.
(Company profile ):
Organisational structure – may focus on SBU
Revenue and other key financial information
Products – types, families
Manufacturing centres
Distribution and transport
Succinct presentation – not making a case, just describing
Estimate 600 word
(Analysis) :
Key part of work
The main contribution is to argue why the supply chain is configured as it is.
State where the push-pull boundary is and argue why it is located where it is
Apply methods from the chapters to describe the SCM process up and
down stream of the push-pull boundary.
Can use stats, marks for demonstrating knowledge of subject and insight
Estimate 1500 words
(Conclusion) :
Concluding remarks
Is the supply chain well managed or is there room for improvements?
Did you identify other opportunities?
Are competitors different in their approach?
Mainly a succinct clarification of your findings from the analysis


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