This course involves much more than just reporting to an agency and watching
what goes on. In order to get the most out of the experience, you must be
prepared for it before you go, and you must think about what you have learned
once you have completed the practicum. The assignments in this class are
designed to ensure that this learning process occurs.

Assignment #3.1 – Related Reading Assignment
This course is intended to provide you with an opportunity to have an in-depth
look at a correctional institution or agency or penitentiary, probably for the first
time. These agencies are unique in terms of organization, staff, and clientele.

It is important that you enter the agencies and prisons with an idea as to what to
expect in order to avoid a “tourist” experience. In other words, you should
understand something about how the agency to which you are assigned works
and, more importantly, what it means to be employed there.
You are required to select a reading related to your placement and provide a three page précis of
it. Readings from journals or chapters from books are appropriate. You must choose readings of
40-60 pages in length. Prior approval of the instructor is required in order to insure that the
readings are appropriate to the placement. Use the form that follows to advise the practicum
coordinator of your choice of readings. (Note: If you do not have access to a library or other
suitable information, please advise the practicum coordinator who will provide you with suitable

Include in your précis, at a minimum:
?the title of each article and the author
?why you feel the reading is relevant to your placement
?what you feel you learned from the reading
?what thoughts and ideas you have changed as a result of the reading
?what questions you will be seeking answers to
?what your expectations are of your placement
?and other insights and comments gained from the reading


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