Assessment TASK 2: Performance Evidence Instructions 1. You are required to undertake all assessment tasks. All tasks are of equal weight.

Assessment TASK 2:  Performance Evidence
1.    You are required to undertake all assessment tasks.
2.    All tasks are of equal weight.
3.    Answer all tasks using the templates and forms provided.
4.    Answer by referring to your learner guide and case study material as provided and by undertaking your own research.
You work as a Business Manager at Adidas – NSW Head Office in the Public Relations Department.
This department is managed by the Public Relations Manager and you work in a team of 5 Business Managers
Your role as Business Manager in the Public Relations Department includes the requirement to identify and manage business risk that results from adverse public relations
Recently Oxfam (Australia) released an article over the internet – this article is re-produced below
Oxfam Australia is an organisation that is reportedly dedicated to fighting social injustice around the world – especially social injustice which is created by businesses
Adidas: So what’s the problem with adidas? July 2016

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