Article summary

Article summary

(1) What is the article saying? Here you provide a brief summary of the article
(2) What do I agree with? Outline the strengths of the article.
(3) What do I disagree with? Outline the weaknesses of the article.
(4) What else should the author(s) have included? Here you discuss what you think is omitted from the article. For example, did the authors miss a key piece of information?
(5) Would I recommend this article to managers? Provide justification for your answer.

Please put your name in the header of the report in the top right corner. There is no need to include a title page. Do not format it like an essay (e.g., intro, body, conclusion). Instead answer each question by indicating the number (e.g., 1., 2., etc); there is no need to include the question in your report. Also the marks will be distributed across the questions, so ensure that your answer to each question is roughly proportionate. For example, if half of the page is the summary of the article, you won’t get full marks. According to policy, a grader will be responsible for marking the reports.

The professor will use software (e.g.,, so academic dishonesty is quite easily detected. Forms of cheating include (but are not limited to) plagiarizing someone else’s work (e.g., paraphrasing without citing another source), submitting work prepared in collaboration with other members, and submitting work prepared by another person (e.g., paying someone else to write your report). Academic misconduct is a very serious issue with potential consequences ranging from failure in the course to dismissal from the university.


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