Article critique

Critiquing an article is not the same as summarising it. An article critique may sometimes be very difficult to write because it does not allow for creative and personal input. Instead, it requires detailed and evidence-backed discourse that either concurs with or refutes the claims in a published article.

Article critique writing involves several tasks that have to be performed with pinpoint accuracy and unquestionable skill. Firstly, the article itself has to be read thoroughly and reflected upon. It is also a great advantage if you have some knowledge of expert opinions in the field so that you can analyse the article in an informed way. Also, in article critique writing, you need to be able to put your arguments down in words, by writing in a precise and credible manner so that your readers will find your arguments convincing.

Having said all these, article critique writing really is a formidable task as one is required to do a lot of work. However, not all have the luxury of time in going about the process of writing a good article critique.
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