Apple Inc. Big Business Over Ethics

Apple Inc. Big Business Over Ethics
Based on the findings,Apple Inc’s use of sweatshop labor,and anti-competitive behavior, you will evaluate what these legal and ethical implications may have and what types of laws or regulations you would recommend be put into place in order for this not to happen again in the future. (For example, some activities may be legal but not ethical; if this is the case, what regulations and laws would you put into place to stop this from happening again in the future?)
Principles of an Effective Presentation:
? You may utilize a product such as Microsoft?s PowerPoint, Google Presentation, or Prezi to create your presentations.
? There are various template designs that you can find on the web for your presentation. Consider your presentation from the perspective of your audience prior to selecting a specific style.
o Follow the 10/20/30 rule.
 10 slides in the presentation.
 20 minute maximum
 30-pt font size at a minimum.
? Each slide should include your key point(s). Do not place large blocks of text on the visual. Your presentation is not a means of presenting a short paper. In an actual presentation you would not ?read? from your slides but rather use them as prompts, you include voice.
? Any notes or narration you would use in delivering this presentation to a group should be listed in the ?notes? section of the slide.
? References should be listed at the bottom of the slide in slightly smaller text.
? Use clip art, AutoShapes, pictures, charts, tables, and diagrams to enhance but not overwhelm your content.
? Be mindful of the intended audience and seek to assess the presentation?s effectiveness by gauging audience comprehension (when possi


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