Analyze Modernist Literature

Analyze Modernist Literature

Analyzing Modernist Literature 2: Woolf

  1. Read Woolf’s “A Haunted House” and annotate it, looking for aspects that match Howe’s definition of modernism.

2.(as always, use MLA in-text citations) to indicate your sources:

list three examples of how you think this text fits the definition with specific quotations from the story

explain any aspect of the story that you think doesn’t fit our definition of modernism

explain what you think the treasure is

make a list of the characters

Analyzing Modernist Literature 3: Pound

  1. Read Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro” and annotate it with attention to how it fits Howe’s definition of modernism.
  2. Answer to the following questions:

How does this poem fit Howe’s definition of modernism? Use in-text citations as appropriate.

What is the setting? (e.g. which city? where in that city? how do we know this (using the poem only…not Google!)

Why is the title important?


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