Analysis and Reflection Assignments

IMPORTANT: have 6-8 in-text citations using at least three different academic sources. At least three (3) citations must be from the assigned course textbook.Using the text, Crucial Accountability, you will be making some key discoveries about areas thatyou both succeed and struggle with in keeping yourself and others accountable. Follow thesesteps:Step 1: READ THE TEXT & TAKE THE ASSESSMENT: After reading the textbook, take the Self-Assessment Survey (Appendix A, pp. 140) and review your results. The survey is divided inthe seven chapters of the book that cover the crucial accountability skills (five questions each).You will need to read each chapter in order to understand your results and the process ofholding healthy accountability conversations. You will be handing in your completed Self-Assessment Survey worksheet in a separate Moodle dropbox for the professor to review beforeyou complete your paper AND you will be attaching the same document to this paper asAppendix A: Self-Assessment SurveyStep 2: ANALYZE & EVALUATE: Choose TWO (2) of the SEVEN (7) areas where you scored themost “YES” answers and observe, analyze and reflect on those specific areas. Consider thefollowing:o What does this score mean to you about your ability to hold yourself or othersaccountable? Discuss.o Does it accurately reflect some areas of weakness in your accountability? Discussand explain your answer with examples from your life.o Consider how your MVS shows up in the area of accountability. Include any insightsyou may have about SDI results and your Crucial Accountability Survey results.o For each of these 2 accountability areas you wrote about, make 2recommendations how you can improve your accountability to yourself and othersas you navigate bad behavior and broken promises in your work/home/school/ liferelationships. For example, if you are evaluating, “Describing the Gap”, what tworecommendations can you make for yourself in this specific area to improve yourability to describe the gap when holding an accountability conversation. Do this forboth of the sections you are analyzing.Step 3: RECOMMENDATIONS: Based on what you have learned from the textbook, onlinelectures and activities answer this question —> Why do you think accountability is an importantleadership skill – personally and organizationally? Provide support, citations and an example ortwo to support your thinking from all course material to date and other outside sources asapplicable.
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