“African Dance: Divine Motion” and “The Way of the Elders”.

“African Dance: Divine Motion” and “The Way of the Elders”.

World Dance: African
Essay 1

Based on the readings “African Dance: Divine Motion” and “The Way of the Elders” answer the following questions in essay form:

•    What are some of the themes that unite the articles?  Give specific examples from each.
•    How might you apply the information to your own understanding African dance as a participant and viewer?
•    How does this information relate to your experiences in class?
•    How does African dance contrast/ compare to dances that you or members of your own community participate in?

Essays should be 2-3 pages in length, maximum 12 font, double spaced.  No cover sheets please!  Please put your name, class, and date in the top right hand corner of your paper.
Essays will be graded on clarity and organization of ideas, proper usage of grammar, syntax, and citations.  Most importantly, your essay should demonstrate your understanding of the material and your own ideas about the material.

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