Book: Bioethics in Canada edited by Charles Weijer, Anthony Skelton, Samantha Brennan.
Essay: Argumentative essay
Thesis: Abortion

Case study from chapter 2 Fetuses.
Please write an essay that is based on your opinion only. Do not use any politic or news.  Please read the book carefully. Do not judge, make sure the whole essay is

about your opinion.

Case study question
1. Do you think it permissible for a woman to obtain an abortion at this late stage of pregnancy?
2. Which factors matter to your answer to the first question?
3. If the woman in question was carrying a fetus with a serious birth defect, would you change your mind about the morality of the abortion in question?

Paper has to be in APA format, text should be (must)
1. double or half again spaced,
2. with at least a 2.54cm margin, in a legible serif typeface,
3. and at a legible font size.

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