A Dangerous Business: The McWane Story

A Dangerous Business: The McWane Story

Project description
Please answer the following questions using succinct, “bullet-point” statements.

1. Please identify the basic duties of employers to their employees, and discuss which of these duties the employer failed to do, based on the documentary “A Dangerous Business: The McWane Story.”

2. Please identify the basic areas of civil rights in the employment arena, and discuss how businesses/government violated the civil rights of individuals in the following cases: Jensen v. Eveleth Taconite Corporation; Velez v. Novartis; Lewis v. City of Chicago; Ricci v. DeStefano; and Fink v. MXenergy (EEOC complaint). Please use the IRAC form to discuss the cases.

IRAC means: I (issue)= question court must resolve, R (rule)= law, statute, A (analysis/application)=how the court applied the law to the tacts to the case. C (conclusion)

3. Please discuss the business decisions which ultimately lead to the economic crisis which precipitated the Great Recession, and explain whom you believe to be the “villains” and the “heroes” of the crisis. Please use your text, the lectures, the documentary “Inside the Meltdown” and the article on credit default swaps to support your argument.


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