single out one disease for which social inequalities in health have been documented (e.g., heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, etc.) in two priority populations. An example of one the populations might include Syrian refugees, teen mothers, sex trade workers, etc. The other population you will describe must be Indigenous and within a Canadian context.

As you write you must consider the social determinants of health such as socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, race or ethnicity, immigration status, place, etc. You will be required to critically evaluate a relevant social and/or health policy or intervention that has been implemented and that is aimed at preventing the disease you have chosen in relation to your two populations of interest.


1) As the write kindly discuss this health/social challenge through the population you choose and an Indigenized social determinant of health lens.

2) In the introduction, identify and introduce the specific diseases, populations and discuss their relevance to health, nursing theory and practice.

3) Describe the evidence base (i.e., the existing research) that links the disease to your two populations of interest

4) Clearly define EACH disease. Then discuss the etiology and risk factors (how EACH disease begins), how each disease can progress and possible complications.

5) A description of all POSSIBLE clinical manifestations of EACH disease.

6) Create a list of common medications used to treat each disease. Describe their intended effects, route, dosage ranges, possible reactions and nursing considerations. You may use a table and put this in an appendix if you wish.

7) Create a list of possible diagnostic and laboratory tests for each disease. Include reasons the tests are ordered, expected results, and significance to the disease. You may use a table and put this in an appendix if you wish.

8) Describe the medical interventions for EACH disease. What may a practitioner do or prescribe for each disease? Be specific.

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