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You have an expensive backyard or patio, and you need to add style to it.  Not just style, who wouldn’t want to have a personalized open-air facility for your family picnics, barbecues or just hanging out without leaving the comfort of your compound? The idea of a gazebo comes into mind.

Getting the right gazebo is key. Do you have a budget? Yes. However, how will you pick the best gazebo?  There are great gazebos out there, but there are factors that you need to consider before you lay your hands on your favorite gazebo.


Space should determine the kind of gazebo for you.  Of course, you would want a gazebo that can accommodate your once-in-a-while visitors with enough space to lounge while chatting or enjoying a barbecue. Make sure you settle for a gazebo that is spacious enough for any of your desirable outdoor ventures.


Pick a theme and get the gazebo that goes with it. Everyone would want a gazebo whose fabric does not block the sun entirely. One that filters the sun is advisable. You don’t want a haphazard arrangement that appears squeezed. It’s all about space and a breeze, so you need to keen on color, frame, and zippers. There is no harm in placing plants at the corners of your gazebo to make it closer to nature. Some folks hang theme-based artwork either on the ceiling or the sides. Personalize your gazebo; after all, it is your second house.


You will need to infuse your choice of the gazebo with its intended use.  A front garden is different from a backyard pick. You may want a front garden one to display elegance while a backyard one could be more private. Equally, a poolside lounge gazebo is for relaxation, same as one that faces a beachfront. Whatever purpose that you have in mind, there are great options out there.

Where do you get one?

Amazon is an excellent source for top of the range gazebos. A great option is the LCH 10 x 10 ft Pergola Canopy Shelter. Selling at $54, it is a sure bet for those desiring a long lasting, elegant and spacious gazebo. It is made from a fire retardant, weather resistant, and hard wearing polyester fabric.

It comes with a mosquito netting to keep annoying bugs away. Firm, rust-free steel frames that can tolerate strong winds support the structure of Pergola.

There you are: go and transform your backyard, patio or poolside that you value so much. You will consider many factors, but foremost among them should be size, design, and purpose for which you will buy it. Visit Amazon to view the specs of LCH 10 x 10 ft Pergola Canopy Shelter.