The Development of the United States’ Strategic Counterintelligence Strategy

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America is facing a security threat from various fronts. Cyberterrorism, terrorism, nuclear and biological weapons proliferation. Such threats are real and can destabilize America and the globe if not checked. Consequently, America has line up counterintelligence to put at bay the security threats. Through proper intelligence, America will be in a position to foil any security threats before they can unfold. America has in place the National Counterintelligence Policy Board that has the mandate to oversee and implement the counterintelligence policy framework. The team is currently working on a counterintelligence strategy dubbed The National Counterintelligence Strategy of the United States of America 2016[1]. The approach seeks to have in place a well-coordinated plan to detect, deter, and disrupt any security threats. The strategy will be achieved through cementing ties and information sharing among government agencies, the private sector, and the public and academic institutions. This platform unifies efforts and brings everyone on board in the bid to remain ahead of the enemy.

America has earned its position as the world superpower. Its position gives it the mandate to oversee a stable globe with minimal security threats. Currently, threats are looming large from all corners. China, Russia, Iran, and other countries are keen to upset the status quo. It explains why there is a rampant proliferation of dangerous weapons that can wipe out humanity from the face of the earth. The United States must, therefore, rise to the occasion and cushion its borders and the rest of the globe from the imminent insecurity threat. Intelligence plays a significant role in helping the United States to attain this strategy. Through proper knowledge, the USA intelligence team can get information about any security threats to its borders and the rest of the world. Based on such information, they can undertake the necessary intervention to quell any such threats. Thanks to proper intelligence efforts, USA has been able to eliminate personalities who posed the greatest threats to the USA and global Security. Terror masterminds, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were eliminated because of the emboldened intelligence efforts by the United States of America.

Before, America had a disjointed security setup where intelligence team and security personnel did not work in harmony. Consequently, it took a long time for the security team to respond to intelligence reports. However, much ground has been gained in this regard. The security setup is more integrated now. The security team has a direct link to the intelligence team. It makes it easier for them to receive fast-hand information on intelligence reports and respond accordingly. With this approach in place, most security threats can be nabbed long before the attack executed. Use of latest and most sophisticated technology makes the integration of intelligence and security departments an easy process to attain[2]. The modernization of intelligence effort has leveraged America’s resolve to achieving a safe and secure globe for everyone else[3].

The numerous grounds that have been covered in securing America need to be enhanced farther. The counterintelligence strategy of 2016 harmonizes all the security efforts over the years into one formidable force that incorporate all security apparatus. Such efforts will be pursued even further so that timely intelligence is marched with timely action.  The public is also roped in because they are always on the ground and encounter the treats from time to time. Including them in this set up is a great stride in realizing the security for all.