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Effects of cultural beliefs, values, and traditions on health education efforts.


Cultural beliefs, values and traditions play a very important role towards the health education efforts. In some cases, they may provide useful decisions whereas in others they may impact negatively on the efforts of health education. The most affected people are the conservatives while if a person is flexible enough and open to advices from other sources, then they can be able to get the right information and in the long run, be able to make the right decision. Therefore, cultural beliefs can enhance or negatively impact health education efforts as seen in the two videos.  Communication is also a very vital aspect of the health education and health provision process. If there is no proper and sufficient communication, then there will be insufficient information about the illness and this may in turn lead to poor or inappropriate diagnosis.

Video reviews

Video 1

In video 1 about Justine Chitsena, the main concept that is evident here is the interference of religion and culture towards the health education and health provision process. Whereas the health professionals are proposing the best remedy for Justine Chitsena, her mother and grandmother are against the operation claiming that if she is operated, a scar will be left on her which will in turn damage her in the next reincarnation. This forces them to seek for further assistance from the local Buddhist temple. The two have allowed religion and culture to interfere with the healthcare provision. This is an example of how culture can interfere with the healthcare provision and education for different patients. However, if the patients and their respective relatives can adhere to strict medical policies proposed by the healthcare professionals, then they can be able to rectify the situation and ensure optimal healthcare provision for the patients.

Video 2

In the second video about Alicia Mercad, the main issue here is about communication and cultural beliefs that Alicia Mercad has towards her treatment. The patient does not understand English and therefore has to use a translator. In most cases, when information is passed through several channels, it is likely to get distorted. Therefore it is always of better practice to provide a competent translator who can understand both languages and make the translation as accurate as possible. In this video, the cultural beliefs practiced by Alicia Mercad makes her to become ignorant of the contemporary forms of healthcare and hence disregarding it. This can greatly affect her in the sense that she will not be able to strictly adhere to the provided medicine thus making her condition to worsen. The cultural practices must have also led to her eviction from her 18 year old house. This also contributed a great deal towards putting her health at risk as she was not able to get her medicine as required.

Achievements of the healthcare professionals

The healthcare professionals in the videos tried to make the communication process as friendly as possible while at the same time ensuring that they obtained accurate information. Using a proficient interpreter and making friendly posses to their clients made it easier for them to understand the patients and get to the root of the problem. Communication is therefore a very important aspect and should be done in a very efficient way (Services [USDHHS, 2009).


The healthcare professionals tried very well to ensure that there was effective communication between them and their clients. However, in some cases translation may not work well for all the patients. Apart from the information being distorted, the patients may be uncomfortable if their information is being revealed to a third person on the basis of translation to the healthcare professional. I would therefore suggest that healthcare professional should learn the languages used by a majority of patients in their areas of operation or healthcare professionals who are native speakers of a particular language, be deployed to the places where their languages are spoken (Commonwealth Fund, 2004). This will ensure confidentiality hence satisfaction while at the same time ensuring accuracy when relaying information.

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