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Best Outdoor TV Antennas


With the advent of cable TV and internet based fire sticks which allows viewers to stream TV content ‘live’, many people might not be aware that there exists content that one can watch for free, without paying periodic subscription fee.

Also, not many TV enthusiasts are aware that there are several free to air channels that can be accessed through outdoor antennas. Some people dislike the idea of paying for content through monthly contributions while other are not so interested in varieties of TV programs (they just to watch news and be informed).

Fox, CBS,NBC and ANC are 4 main commercial terrestrial TV networks in the US. However, there are other non-commercial TV stations whose content is available without transcriptions, through antennas. Such networks include:

  • Spanish networks such as Telemundo and Univision that target Latin American audience with mostly Spanish language content.
  • Educational networks such as PBS which air mostly educational content for the general public.
  • Religious networks such as Daystar which air religious content for specific faith groups.
  • Several stations which avoid original programming preferring to air reruns of popular programs to reach out to viewers who may wish to view the content again.

Many of such networks can be accessed through outdoor antenna platforms.

How does an outdoor antenna work?

To pick up analogue signals, an antenna is made of metal parts. Each antenna consists of a boom (the piece of metal at the centre) and several metallic rods that cut across the boom. TV signals from transmitters located on hills or high masts are picked by the rods. Once that happens, receptors placed on the boom at intervals of two rods take the signals and dispatch hem through a wire to the TV.

An antenna transmits either VHF or UHF signal to the TV which in turn converts the signal into sound and video, thereby completing the transmission process.

Since all transmission towers are not on one position, antenna orientation differs with the desired TV station. Weather conditions also affect transmission of analog signals: storms, snow and rain may cause poor transmission. This explains why almost everyone with an outdoor antenna reception system has lost signal at some point, especially during severe weather.

Important tips: The more rods an antenna has the more receptors it will have making reception of signals better. Longer booms gets more channels since it can pick even the distant ones.

The following outdoor antennas are categorized according to price ranges: under $30

between 31 and 50.

Between 51 and 75.

Between 76 and 100.

Between 101 and 150.

Between 151 and 200

Above 200.

These options are for those on a budget. Explore the one that works for you.

Great tips

“” or “tvfool”

Best outdoor TV antennas under $30.

1byone Digital Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna


Frequency Range: 470-862MHz
Frequency: UHF
Amplifier Gain: 18dB

Antenna Gain: 9-13dBi
Power Output: AC12V 100mA

Power Input: AC-110V/60Hz


The 1byone was designed to withstand rough weather and can pick signals from a transmitter that is as far as 80 miles thanks to its cross phase, multi element design.

It is easy to set up: as soon as you connect the antenna to TV with a coaxial cable it starts searching for signals.

You can receive best quality pictures and sound in HD. Since terrestrial broadcasts are transmitted in ultra HD, uncompressed full HD and 3D channels, they match and surpass what satellite TV offers in terms of picture quality. 1byone allows you to receive UHF high and standard definition signals.

Since reception of UHF signals depends largely on terrain, most outlets offer 1byone with a ninety day money back guarantee in case reception in your area is problematic.  As a way of guaranteeing the antenna, the manufacturer offers it with a 24 month warranty.

Mediasonic HW-560AN HOMEWORX HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Frequency Range: 470 – 862 MHz

Antenna Gain: 9 – 11.5 dB

Impedance: 75 om

Front – Back Ratio: 15 – 20 dB

Antenna Length: 850mm


Though signal strength is subject to environmental factors, the Mediasonic antenna has a 60 mile range.

It picks both VHF and UHF signals within its range.

You need a pole to fit this antenna and make it work. You can alter orientation of the antenna for better reception by twisting the pole.

$31-50 range.

Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Digital Antenna Amplified Outdoor Antenna


Antenna Gain: VHF 30dB

UHF 30dB Reception Range: 120 Miles

Impedance: 75Ohm

Frequency Range: VHF: 40-300MHz /Full HDTV Support: 720p, 1080i, 1080p / UHF: 470-890MHz |

Signals:  UHF/VHF high-definition and standard signals.


Pingbingding has an inbuilt preamplifier which allows you to adjust gain control especially if you are located away from the nearest transmission tower. The farther away from the tower you are the more gain you require.

It requires minimal assembly since it is usually pre-assembled. All you will do is mount it.

It comes with a mounting pole, 32 feet coaxial cable, a power supply adapter and a 45 days money back guarantee.

It has a low noise, high gain booster which guarantees stunning features within 120 miles radius which beyond the average 80.

GE 33685 Pro Outdoor Yagi TV Antenna.


Range: 70 Mile.

Channels:  VHF/UHF Channels.

Frequency range: Full HD 1080p.

General Electric’s Pro Outdoor Yagi antenna boasts of a rugged configuration which makes it ideal for extreme outdoor conditions.

It fits a standard antenna mount easily. It also comes with a J mount and mast clamp for more mounting options.

It can receive uncompressed 1080p signals due to its broad spectrum UHF and VHF capabilities.

Best outdoor TV antennas between $30 and 50.

Vansky Outdoor OTA Amplified HD TV Antenna

Frequency: VHF 40~300MHz | UHF 470~890MHz

Reception Range: 150 Miles

Antenna Gain: VHF 28~32dB | UHF 32~36dB

Impedance: 75Ohm

Coaxial Cable Length: 32.8ft

Voltage: AC-110V/60Hz

Max Output Level:105dBuV

Operation Temperature: -10° C ~ 50° C


It supports two TVs without a splitter or extra adapter hence it is ideal for a home with two TVs.

It has lightening protection features making it versatile in the face of storms. It outlasts incremental weather due to its hardy design.

It is offered with a 45 day money back guarantee, friendly tech support and a one year warranty in addition to extras such as 32.8 feet coaxial cable, power supply adapter and a wireless remote controller.

Some viewers who bought the product reported accessing up to 55 channels, all for free.

It can be mounted on the roof, in the attic or even on the side of a wall. It works well when placed 30 feet from the ground.

You can either rotate the mount pole manually or by the remote controlled motor


The antenna cannot receive FM signals.

Its package does not include pole.