10 Things That Make Girls Happy-Essay Pay

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10 Things That Make Girls Super Happy In a Moment

We have heard that it’s really a challenge to make a woman happy .This could be true, but not for young girls because these angelic characters are so innocent that they get happy and contended with few simple things.

In fact, to complete this task, you should know the effective tips. Girls don’t ask for much, they are cheerful if you give them your time and care .They become obliged once you appreciate them and moreover you can make them happier through simple gifts even in the form of a gentle smile.

Check out the following strategies that will turn your girl happy and pleased.

1.    Shopping

Girls are shopping freaks, whether window or street get some shopping bags in their hands.

2.    Hanging -out

Hanging out with friends on a long drive or just at a friend’s place always makes them happy.

3.    Make-up and Dressing:

Who on the earth is a girl that don’t like make up and dressing up. A chic outfit with luxurious make -up brand is all the phenomena to smile up a girl.

4.    Travel:

Though some girls are home sick but generally a great population of ladies loves to travel .Boost up their energy by handing-on the next flight ticket to her.

5.    Chatting

OMG, the most disturbing thing a girl love is chatting, chatting and long chatting .No not with you but with her best friend as this is the time to share all their secrets.

6.    Long Drives:

Like every lively fellow, girls crave for long drives, so take them for a peaceful and pleasurable drive and see the pleasure on their face.

7.    Dancing:

Tapping feet on their favorite number and then taking dynamic dance steps on the hottest chart topper will never bore a girl. Play their favorite music and watch them dance merrily.

8.    Beech Walk:

When they are in a grave mood or sensing some romance in the atmosphere, a beech walk would complement their mood.

9.    Forehead kiss:

Kiss on her forehead is not a vulgar expression rather they take it as a soft gesture.

10. Conquering a challenging task:

A girl loves to accept challenges whether it is cooking, creating pranks or even flirting somebody who seems rocky.

Besides these ten things there are several other things that can make your girl happy like

  • Breakfast in bed
  • A rosy bouquet and last but not the least
  • An ardent listener